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Manual Nesting

AutoNest manual nesting allows you to position parts interactively.

What makes Metalix stand out for me personally is the flexibility that Metalix offers me as the programmer. Metalix AutoNest can make automatic decisions that work in most situations; but when I would like to take a specific approach to a job, it is extremely easy and fast to implement things my way. The software does not push you into a corner and force you to do it a certain way.

Henk Van Nierkerk and Derrick Van Nierkerk, Directors, METALFORMERS Pty. Ltd., South Africa

AutoNest allows you to position individual parts and groups of parts interactively. You maintain control over the nesting process, by dragging, rotating, mirroring, aligning, arraying, and grouping parts.

Manual Nesting: Part Adjustment

AutoNest guides you towards creating better nesting solutions:

  • Warns of floating scraps
  • Warns of one part placed on another
  • Dodges predefined clamp area