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March 17, 2023

Announcing the official release of cncKad V21, MBend V15, MRobot V15, MTube V23

After extensive field testing at over 300 of our customers all over the world, cncKad V21, MBend V15, MRobot V15 and MTube V23 are officially released.

Packed with over 200 new features and support for the latest machine models and technology in Sheet Metal Fabrication, these new versions are sure to boost your productivity and optimize your material usage.


Some of the highlights

  • cncKad/AutoNest V21 – presents a lot of new features including original geometry path display, moving a MicroJoint by two clicks, modifying Lead-in parameters by two clicks, changing processing parameters for all selected SubNests, revalidating parts, trimming, marking and excluding bend lines, editing part frame content, tool order rules in cncKad, bridge cutting in AutoNest, placing parts with part unload (pickup, chute) on different SubNests, automatic removal of parts/holes technology when adding push out, Pack and Go feature, and special tool storage. Many other features were enhanced, such as L-type lead-in, countersink option, part unload stacking (deposit) feature.
  • cncKad/AutoNest Tube V21 – our tube package is greatly improved with support for loading tubes into machine, modifying corner radius, warning if lead-in destroys a part, modifying corner radius to match tube database, plate tube profile, TubeCut between tubes, and tubes with seam.
  • JobTrack V21 – The new features include the preset and user defined part operations (Part Ops) and integration of MBend V15 into the production cycle.
  • MBend V15 – New features include support for 3D shapes on the part, export DXF from part without extraneous bend reliefs, support for frontgauges, profile templates export/import, sequencing rules and DXF filters, pre-bend tool sets, detection of part colliding with itself, loading a setup for manual sequencing, moving the part out of a hemming die, profile tooling mode only on demand, tools validation in tools library, segment error warning on ribbon, automatic fingers retraction calculation for joggle tools, and support for SLDPRT 2022.
  • MRobot V15 – features collision detection performance boost, default cell parameters, speed of last motion, correction of robot extending too much, support arms simulation, display of rivets, and  enhanced support of in-pallet piles.
  • MTube V23/CL21 – presents unbending round tube profiles, extended treatment for LU tube profiles (e.g., inner radius detection), extended treatment for I-beam tube profiles – supporting slopes as well, seam definition for exporting round and rectangular tube profiles, auto detection of planar cuts on round tube profiles, support for plane tubes and improved loading angle handling.