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Download Manager

The Download Manager is your gateway to Metalix software products.
You can run it to download service packs or full product versions:


You can purchase a Metalix license for cncKad, AutoNest, MBend, and MTube. Add-on options include Tube Cutting, CAD Link, Estimation/Quoting, Job Tracking, and DNC.
Metalix professional marketing and sales people are always happy to tailor the best solution combination for your needs.

License types can be either fixed or floating.

Fixed License

The fixed license is for single users. Each individual workstation requires its own HASP key plugged into the PC. The fixed license can be final or temporary.

Floating License

The floating license defines the number of concurrent users working on a network. This means that several individual workstations are connected on a network, with a single NetHASP key plugged into a server PC, and the licenses “float” between active users.

The floating license can be final or temporary.